How Coinhouse hears the voice its customers?

From day one, privileged client relationships have held an essential role in the very of Coinhouse’s success. Client services have for four years, and still going, been a priority amid our mission of providing the most customer driven experience out there.

At Coinhouse, we stand out in a quite simple, yet unique way: our Coinhouse Paris Store enables anyone in the world to invest in cryptoassets while benefiting from a tailored, personal assistance. We have a great team of experts able to guide you throughout any of your requests, curiosities, or purchases. Of the 25 Coinhouse employees, a third of these are regularly in touch with our clients, that are the heart of our business and service.

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As the leading French actor in cryptoassets and ideally located in the center of Paris, our startup/blockchain hub delivers both education and knowledge, sharing through our regular meetup events. Dealing with blockchain technology and the cryptoassets token economy have been a part of our DNA. These events, rather catered towards onboarding new clients, as well as ones dealing with more technical aspects, ICOs and assets (such as Arthur Breitman’s visit for Tezos), are extremely important to us, for that very reason. Education is not confined to these meetings. It is inclusive of all Coinhouse activities and services involving client relationships. Our services are adapted for all, from curious investors to tech-savvy blockchain enthusiasts.  Our head of customer experience have witnessed this first hand.

Customer support as a central factor

At Coinhouse, customer support is more than ticket management. Of course, transactional/operational issues occur, and support is there to solve those; but it goes beyond that. Evolutions of our client services reflect our aim: a team that is easily reachable and both highly responsive and efficient in solving problems, all while facilitating our client’s understanding of cryptoassets and blockchain. In solving problems, we hope to prevent these from occuring in the future. We want the client to have his problem fixed but  more importantly, to learn.

Efficient customer support and success requires a lot of facets, to start with fast-paced execution in replies whilst meticulously understanding each’s problem. It involves leading client interactions, collaborating with cross-functional teams. How do we aim to attain this? Multifaceted responses and services for multi-faceted requests.

For those of you that have been with us from the start, we hope you’ll agree with  this fact: Customer Support and Client Services at Coinhouse have always been key, and today,  they’ve never been more performing.

A glance at Coinhouse services

1. Coinhouse support

Since the start of 2018, we have put in place a wide array of services and mechanisms to forge a satisfactory, customer driven experience. Put simply, you can get help from our expert team whenever you want. What have we done?

Zendesk support solution

We started working through Zendesk, a cloud based support management used by over 200 000 companies worldwide, of which the most renown: Uber, Lyft, Ledger.

Thorough FAQ implemented

The publication of our FAQ was a milestone: a page design whose content required a thorough analysis of the barriers noticed at the end of 2017, and how to best ameliorate these. Answers to the most common types of operational requests cohabit with more pedagogical ones, on underlying technologies and interactive functionnings of wallets, or even trigger warnings of scam schemes.

Submit a Request Function

Zendesk enabled us to set a second type of thread for reaching support : the classic “submit a request function”. This requires clients to dig for an extra minute or two to seek the required information but in doing so, this facilitates our work to identify the incident and enables our team’s highly frequent, efficient responses.

Online Chat

Have a more straightforward question? You can just talk to one our agents on line when connected on a Coinhouse page. Raise your limits or send a doc, with instantaneous responses. Get your KYC validated in a day.

Restablished phone support

Want to speak with a Coinhouse member but can’t make it to Coinhouse Store? Give us a call. Want to explore potential fields of cooperation? We’re reachable 45 hours a week. Conversations here range from client management and onboarding, assistance to victims of fraudulent platforms, to future business opportunities. Please, don’t hesitate!

customer support

Why does this matter?

For many reasons. First, it’s a mirror of all the work undertaken by our team with our community first in mind. It reflects the extent to which we estimate our community as of uttermost priority in our mission. These different, varied threads from which we are reachable insinuate the different ways clients hope to reach you as a business and why. Being easily reachable makes customer support successful and our community satisfied.


  • Quarter 1: 1 650 Tickets, average response time of 20 hours, 86% Positive Reviews (for almost a third of responses to feedback requests)
  • Quarter 2: 1 422 Tickets, average response time of 17.5 hours, 89% Positive Reviews (34% responses)

2. That’s just the start, other services are coming!

Enhanced customer experience remains our top goal and that’s why we’ve given a hard work at designing Coinhouse V2 through which users will be able to better interact with the platform and reach our team.  Also, we’ll be adding Euro to XRP and LTC transactions online. You’ll be able to witness these features shortly!

Our V2’s release will come shortly, for which you can pre register here, and we hope you’re exited as we are. In the meanwhile, our new Coinhouse insights page has been released and is online as we speak. Aimed at enlightening our clients, Coinhouse Insights offers research and analysis on crypto and blockchain news, as well as the token economy, content produced by our analysts in Coinhouse’s research department.

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