What is blockchain technology? How does bitcoin work and how can these new technologies change your industry’s future? Coinhouse delivers training programs to introduce your team/company and get them familiar with cryptoassets and Blockchain technologies. Let’s discover the specific training for Institutions & Corporates.    

Understanding Blockchain and cryptoassets

Blockchain technology is being embraced throughout the world. Many actors are seeing its potential to disrupt existing financial systems, but the use cases can be way larger, such as providing banking for the unbanked, lowering transaction costs, and making cross-border transfers easier. An important investment motto is to never invest in something you don’t understand. It is essential for entrepreneurs and investors to have a clear idea about what this technology is. Moreover, the Blockchain is no longer limited to financial transfers and covers a much broader spectrum of domains: IoT (Internet of Things), real estate, property certificates, crowd-funding, reservations, etc. We can arguably compare its impact to the birth of the Internet Protocol (IP) 30 years earlier.

Learn how to start investing in cryptoassets

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Coinhouse’s training programs will spread the right knowledge in the midst of speculation and rumors. During trainings, our experts will identify relevant use cases which could be applied to your business. You will discover how Bitcoin works, introduce you to the concepts of cryptoassets, ICOs and tokenization, and learn how regulation impacts this new technology.

Choose the program that fits you best

Coinhouse offers three programs ”à la carte” and two packages. Training duration can be half day, full day or on two days. Sessions gather mostly 10 to 20 participants but you can ask for personalised training. Our experts team will provide courses at your offices and will adapt the content to the knowledge level of your audience. Specific training dates are coming: – English speaking training in Paris: 27 & 28th of October – French speaking training in Paris: 3rd & 4th of November Feel free to contact our team at formation@coinhouse.com or reach us by phone: +33 (0) 1 53 00 92 60

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