Coinhouse opens its doors for short introductions to the world of cryptoassets. These trainings are intended for groups, committees, companies and independent associations.

Here are the different introductions we can teach:

Introduction Bitcoin and Blockchain

The year 2017 is when the Bitcoin was discovered by the general public, mainly thanks to the soaring courses, and in parallel, the majority of the major media has now covered the subject. Nevertheless, the potential of crypto-currencies and underlying technologies still seems largely unknown and undervalued The advent of cryptocurrencies is poised to create a major technological, economic and societal shift. Come discover these technologies and understand their opportunities and risks.

The game-changing power of cryptoassets

The creation of Bitcoin in 2009 has inaugurated a new digital revolution, the possibility of creating unique digital asset on the internet. Financial assets, identity, copyrights, patents… Many applications can be disrupted by the advent of the “token economy”. The Coinhouse experts will introduce you to these technologies via a workshop to explore the stakes related to your projects.

Blockchain and applications

This complex technology is already at the heart of all the reflections on innovation within companies and will be the cornerstone of the digital economy. We offer you to discover the issues through the exploration of its multiple applications: finance, supply chain, energy, identity, … A focus can also be made on your industry.

The world of ICOs

The Initial Coin Offering the “killer app” of Blockchain technologies. With more than $ 5.6 billion raised in 2017, this new financing and investment vehicle is emerging as an alternative to more traditional venture capital methods. Telegram, Kodak, and other major groups are embarking on the adventure today. That’s why the Coinhouse experts offer an interactive workshop to understand the issues and the operation of these new processes.

Ethereum – innovation and applications

Also known as the global computer, Ethereum has revolutionized the Blockchain ecosystem with the notion of Smart Contracts, which allows executing computer code in a completely decentralized, transparent and secure way, on a Blockchain.

The fields of application are unlimited, and the study of these technologies is today at the heart of the reflections of large groups in a purpose of automation and simplification of their processes. We offer to discuss these concepts during a session of acculturation and exploration of the different uses of Ethereum with a focus on your field of expertise.

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